D Dennison

Thanksgiving in a Recipe

D Dennison

D Dennison is no stranger to Colorado, she has been a friend, a "co-worker" and a ranting radio nut in Colorado for over 20 years.

D has won the Colorado Broadcasters Association Midday Radio Personality of the Year Award twice and has been the number one radio personality overall in Colorado multiple times.

D is also a philanthropist who has spent many hours working with great non-profit organizations throughout Colorado. She has sat on the board of Directors for the Larimer County Boys and Girls Club, 3Hopeful Hearts and is currently on the board of the Child Advocacy Center in Fort Collins-now known as Voices Carry CAC, a tribute to what the non-profit truly does and also, for D, a legacy of the works her daughter Ashley did for the center before her death in 2012.

D has a way of pulling you in and talking to you one-on-one, she truly feels like it is just you and she when she is behind the microphone, two friends, sitting back together, talking, laughing and enjoying some really great music.


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