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About six months ago I was watching the ACM Awards on National TV when I got to thinking about how cool it would be to have our own show just like that, except only have the best of the best in country music from around Colorado and Wyoming. I have worked on the Rocky Mountain Country Music Awards Show since, and today I am proud to present this year’s nominees. 

Female Vocalist of the Year: 

  • Bella Hudson
  • Clare Dunn
  • Kristi Hoopes 
  • Emma Marie 
  • Kimi Most 
  • Jeneve Rose Mitchell

Male Vocalist of the Year: 

  • Richie Law 
  • Kory Brunson 
  • Sean Curtis 
  • Austin Wahlert
  • Ben Marshal
  • Chancey Williams 

New Artist of the Year: 

  • Bryan Thomas 
  • Johnny Day
  • Shawn Wright and the Tribe
  • Whiskey’s Alibi 
  • Trent Hughes Band 

Musician of the Year: 

  • Paul Trinidad, Tyler Walker Band 
  • Tim Elliot, Sean Curtis Band 
  • Harley Osterlund, Harley and the V-Twins 
  • Johnny Day, Johnny Day 
  • Jeneve Rose Mitchell

Song of the Year: 

  • Burn it to the Ground, Bryan Thomas
  • Nowhere Road, Sean Curtis Band 
  • Gates Wide Open, Randy Burghardt Band 
  • Sex on the Beach, Ben Garcia 
  • Tuxedo, Clare Dunn 
  • Down with That, Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band 

Album of the Year: 

  • Blue Collar Town, Southern Fryed 
  • Kind of Like Wyoming, Sean Curtis Band 
  • Burn it to the Ground, Bryan Thomas 
  • I Will Win, Austin Wahlert
  • Up From the North, Ryan Chrys and the Rough Cuts 
  • Rebel Run, Brand 307

Entertainer of the Year: 

  • Sean Curtis Band 
  • Union Gray 
  • Tyler Walker Band 
  • Kory Brunson Band 
  • Austin Wahlert Band 
  • Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band

There will also be a very special Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Chris LeDoux for his contributions to country music in the Rocky Mountain region brought to you by the Greeley Stampede. 

Tickets for this special event at the Rialto Theater on October 8th are on sale now, and will sell out quickly. Get them here. 

A huge thank you go out to the great businesses that have supported this first time event; The Greeley Stampede, Sundance Steakhouse and Saloon, and Sparta Media.