Greeley No Longer Stinks

When people in Colorado who are not from Greeley think of Greeley they usually think stinky. The problem is Greeley hasn't stunk for about 20 years. Now there is scientific proof that the Northern Colorado city has a bad reputation for no reason. 

The Greeley Tribune reported today that back in 1997 when Greeley’s odor hotline opened, the city received 650 odor-related complaints. Twenty years later in 2016, there was a record low of four. 

They also mentioned that the city has not had a feedlot in over 20 years, and many of the odor causing businesses in town have used technology and better habits to reduce their smell. 

So basically what I am saying is if you smell something funny in Greeley it's likely wafting in from a neighboring town. 

Long story short, Greeley doesn't stink. You should come visit some time! 

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