A Kiss at Qdoba is Worth a Free Burrito on Valentine's Day

As you are well aware of I am sure, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Sure, there are a lot of sales and gimmicks to try to lure you to different businesses on the big day, but my favorite has to be Qdoba’s offer that lets you pay for your burrito with a kiss!  

The burrito-chain’s promotional stunt even involves making out with strangers. The restaurant is offering customers the chance at a free entree and some action on Valentine's Day. All guests have to do is order one entree and then engage in "a smooch with a loved one, friend or even a willing stranger." Upon doing that, the Qdoba staff will reward you with a second entree for free! 

There are a couple questions that I have here though… Does the restaurant have some sort of insurance policy in case a customer gets some sort of kissing disease and sues? And also, who gets the free burrito? The kisser or the kiss-ee? 

If you are in desperate need of someone, I’ll do the honors for you, but I call the free burrito! What’s in it for you? Well, the kiss, duh! 

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