The Most Common Injury in Colorado is...

Bruising and open wounds are extremely common injuries throughout the U.S., but which injury is the most uniquely common Colorado (i.e., which injury disproportionately strikes your state's residents more than those in any other state)? 

Amino pored over scores of medical data to determine which injuries are most peculiar to all 50 states... 

As for Colorado and just about every state around us... Suffocation. This includes Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and New Mexico. WHY? What the heck are we doing in this area that would cause so many people to suffocate? ODD!! 

Some of the other highlights include: 

Florida: head injury

Oklahoma: rotator cuff sprain

Texas: insect bite

Alabama & Mississippi: chest injury

Missouri: animal bite

Indiana: struck by object

New Jersey & Maryland: sprained hand

North Dakota & Nebraska: Overexertion

Oregon: sprained back

Hawaii: scrape

Check out the full map here.

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