JB's is Back Open! - My Diet is Officially Screwed

It’s been very well noted that I have been on a diet for the last month or so because I want to have Channing Tatum abs. This is true, but there is no way you can tell me that Mr. Tatum never takes a day to enjoy his favorite cheeseburger, fries, and a piece of pie, right? 

Well, after a few months off, as they do every year, the place I go to for said meal is back at it, as they officially open back up today. JB’s Drive-In in Greeley has been doing their thing since 1937, so if my math is correct this is year number 80. You don't do anything for 80 years unless you are damn good at it!

They raise their own cattle for the beef on their farm northeast of Latham in Weld County, and that translates into the freshest beef patty you’ll ever see on a bun! Actually, just about everything you get at JB’s was made at JB’s, so be sure to have a piece of hand breaded shrimp with your burger, or some homemade chili on top of it! 

Oh, and for every 12 burgers you buy, you get a free gallon of their famous homemade root beer too. Not only the best burger in Northern Colorado, but one of the best restaurants and a true legend of the area!

And in case you were wondering, no, this is not a commercial or an ad. I wrote this because I am a crazy JB’s lover who has been having withdrawals since November, and I cannot wait to get back in one of those orange booths! 

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