Donate Your Old Dresses and Gowns to a Great Cause

We are nearing prom season and we understand how important this event is for many high school girls. We also know that sadly some girls who really want to go, simply cannot afford a dress. We want to help them, but we need your help in doing so. 

Our "Say YES to Donate the Dress" event is back for 2017 and will give hundreds of girls who normally wouldn't be able to, the chance to afford a nice prom dress. 

Here's where you come in... We need you to look through your closet and find your dress that you wore to that one big event that you’ll never wear again and drop them off at any Burke Cleaners in Northern Colorado, Erlich Toyota in Greeley or the BIG 97.9 Studios in Loveland... 

Burke Cleaners will clean all the dresses and then at the end of March we will have a dress sale where girls can buy these dresses for just $9.79, with all the money collected going to local charities. 

More details on the sale will come soon, but for now we really need your dresses... PLEASE! 

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