Congrats to Richie White, Winner of Our Trip to the ACM's

A couple weeks ago we asked our listeners to kindly donate to the wonderful place that is St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. The results were overwhelming as we made over $152,000 fr the kids at St. Jude. As a little incentive for donating we offered up a trip to the ACM Awards in Vegas, and today we picked a winner. 

This isn't one of those trips you go out and buy, it's really a sort of know the right person and hope they invite you sort of deals. Well, we happen to know the folks at Broken Bow Records and they kindly donated this trip, including flight, hotel, and tickets to the ACM's to us for our St. Jude Radiothon. 

That's where Richie White comes in. He was one of many folks who found it in his heart to donate to St. Jude and was also lucky as we pulled his name out of the hat and he won this trip. We also found out after we pulled his name that he is a longtime donor to St. Jude and this was him increasing his monthly gift. 

I'd say we found ourselves a righteous winner. 

Richie, enjoy Vegas and the ACM's. We want pictures!! 

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