Zima is Coming Back!

I am a 90's baby so I remember all the old Zima commercials very well and thinking that it looked like the adult version of Sprite, but never being old enough to try it. Finally I, along with all my 20 and 30-somethings will likely get the chance. 

AdAge reports that MillerCoors is planning the revive Zima, the clear malt liquor that was the opposite of grunge in the '90s. 

In 2012, Pete Coors blamed Zima's demise on introducing a golden version of the elixir that bore a distinct resemblance in sight and taste to urine. "We killed the brand, frankly," he said at the time. 

Obviously he has reversed course, and I for one, am happy that he did. 

There is no release date set yet. 

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