The New Brett Eldredge Song Has My Kid Saying a Bad Word

Last week Brett Eldredge released a new song called "Something I'm Good At." It's a great song, but it caused me some trouble this weekend... 

You have to listen to the whole song, and when you get to the end you hear Brett making some interesting noises, the last of which sounds a lot like he is yelling the word "cock." 

As soon as he yelled it, my six-year-old yelled it, and then proceeded to continue yelling it the rest of the weekend. 

Now the word is really innocent and is just another name for a male bird, specifically a rooster, but not according to Urban Dictionary or the "streets." It's actually quite graphic. 

So anyways, my kid now thinks it's pretty funny to go around yelling "cock," thanks Brett... I do like your new song though! 

Listen to the song here... The part I am talking about is at the very end. 

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