There's an App That Will Notify You When the Giraffe is About to Give Birth

There are millions of people being strangely unproductive because they just want to see a giraffe give birth. Much to the joy of bosses around the world, there is now an app that will let you get back to work and notify you when something important is about to happen. 

Tons of people are keeping a close eye on April the giraffe, thanks to a live stream set up by her home, Animal Adventure Park. However, this is causing a lot of wasted time. 

So a man named Tom Horton has created an app, Giraffe Watch, that will send you an email when something worth watching happens in April's pen.

Horton says, "The initial plan was that I’d stay up that night and watch for labor to start. Three days later I’ve decided that sleep is a little more important, so I made a system to let watchers self report. Once those start coming in, I’ll verify it myself and trigger the alert."

You can get the app here.

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