Colin Kaepernick is Now Going to Stand During the National Anthem

I don't like talking politics, but if I feel like you are disrespecting those men and women who are laying their lives on the line to protect and serve us in America, I am calling you out. Colin Kaepernick did just that last year, but now that he needs a job he is changing his course. 

I respect that we all have different views and may not agree with everything in this country, but to blatantly disrespect the flag that so many have laid down their lives for, pisses me off. I just feel like Mr. Kaepernick could have expressed his discontent in other ways. 

Now though, he says he will star standing during the National Anthem. Funny because he also is a free agent, which means he has no job. So basically it sounds like he is doing "what's right" to find employment. 

Seems like others agree with me also... 

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