A Fort Collins Pastor is Now Making Booze

At the surface a pastor making booze seems like some sort of sin or something, but I guess we forget that people drink in church all the time. They just call it communion instead of partying. So it actually makes a lot of sense that a pastor would also be a distiller. 

According to the Coloradoan: 

Hans Breuer, executive pastor at Vineyard Church of the Rockies, is opening Big Fat Pastor Spirits with his children at 6754 N. Franklin Ave. in Loveland, near the town’s border with Fort Collins.

The craft distillery's products debuted on shelves at RJ's Wine & Spirits liquor store in Fort Collins' Front Range Village shopping center earlier this week. The company is looking to self-distribute to other liquor stores and restaurants.

The distillery is starting out with a gin and a vodka. A Bourbon-style whiskey, an American-style malt whiskey and an apple brandy will be coming soon. 

Get more info on the "holy" spirits here.

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