Shawn Patrick Set to Play With the Harlem Globetrotters

There is a reason I chose a career that doesn't involve a whole lot of physical activity. You see, as much as I love sports, I just don't think god intended me to play them. If he did, I am rather certain that he did it so he had something to laugh at. So, if you, like God, need a chuckle, March 19th I am sure I can provide that to you. 

I have been asked to be a "Celebrity Guest Globetrotter." This means I will have to exchange my cowboy boots for tennis shoes, and my button-up shirt for a jersey and try to play basketball in front of thousands of people... HAHAHAHAHA! 

Part of the process is signing a waiver before I enter the game, so basically the Globetrotters already know that I'll probably break my ankle or fall on my face and have to get stitches, and they don't want to be responsible. 

Lucky for you, you can watch all this go down... The game is March 19th at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland. Get tickets for this once in a lifetime spectacle here.

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