Are Catholics in Colorado Allowed Corned Beef on St. Patrick's Day?

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. It is also a Friday that falls during Lent. So Catholics aren't supposed to eat meat. That means the traditional corned beef and cabbage is out... But is it? 

The last time this conundrum cropped up was in 2006, when roughly half of the United States' 179 Roman Catholic dioceses granted some form of dispensation to the faithful on the memorial of the patron saint of Ireland.

This year Colorado is a little torn. As the Diocese of Colorado Springs has publicly granted a dispensation, but the Archdiocese of Denver has publicly announced that they will not be granting any dispensations for the day.

So, could a Catholic in Denver drive south for an hour and dine on corned beef once they are in the Diocese of Colorado Springs? I have no idea... 

If you are Catholic and really want corned beef, maybe you should call your priest! 

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