Blue Bell Ice Cream Returns to Colorado Next Week

Although I have no idea how you’d become an expert in ice cream, I feel like I am pretty darn close for the simple fact that I eat a lot of it. And in my humble opinion there isn’t better ice cream at the grocery store than Blue Bell… Or should I say there wasn’t any better ice cream a couple years ago. 

It’s been almost two years since Colorado stores have had Blue Bell after they were linked to 10 listeria cases in four states, including three deaths in Kansas. 

Blue Bell Creameries restarted selling limited flavors in select cities in Texas in August 2015, and have slowly started getting the product back on the shelves where it used to be. 

The ice cream will be available starting Monday in stores in cities across Colorado. Check with your local store for specific availability information. Company officials said it could take up to two weeks to deliver the product to every store that carries the product.

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