Cracker Barrel's Firing of Employee Leads to Social Media Outcry

I love the Cracker Barrel, but I am a little upset with them right now. First of all because they fired Brad's wife, and secondly because they got me in trouble at home last night for staying up too late reading/laughing at all the people tearing them apart on social media! 

Why was Brad's wife fired from her job at a Cracker Barrel restaurant? That's what folks on social media want to know after a guy named Bradley Reid Byrd posted on the chain's Facebook page Tuesday, "Why did you fire my wife?" 

Byrd's post has since gone viral and has spawned a petition, as well as the hashtag, "#JusticeForBradsWife." 

While Cracker Barrel has yet to respond to the controversy, its social media pages are continuing to be trolled. After the company Instagrammed a pic of a fried-fish dinner, users left comments like, "Brad's wife loves fish dinner," and, "I bet Brad's wife made that. Rest her jobless soul."

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