85-Year-Old Colorado Woman Survives Five Days Lost in the Mountains

Doing anything when you are in your mid-80's can be a challenge, but surviving five days lost in the mountains during a Colorado winter, well that seems nearly impossible... But it's not! 

A Colorado woman was visiting family last week near Vail when she began driving back to her home in Akron. One wrong turn and she ended up in a bad spot. 

She accidentally drove into a rural mountainous area in Eagle County, and got car stuck at the end of a muddy and snowy road. Her cellphone did not have a signal and her car battery eventually died. 

Like any grandmother would do, she survived by making a blanket from coats that were given to her by her granddaughter and using safety pins. 

She spent five days and four nights in the vehicle with her cat Nikki, melting snow in a can for water, and eating sweet rolls and Rice Krispie treats.

Some hikers noticed her and were able to get her and the cat help. Both are fine minus a little dehydration. 

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