Is April the Giraffe's Pregnancy Actually an April Fools Day Prank?

Since February, millions of people have been tuning into a livestream that keeps track of April, a pregnant giraffe who is expecting her fourth calf. However, the lanky resident of New York's Harpursville Animal Adventure Park was supposed to give birth in mid-February. Now March has come to an end, and April's followers are starting to speculate that this is all an elaborate hoax. 

What if #ApriltheGiraffe being the BIGGEST APRIL FOOLS' DAY JOKE OF ALL TIME?" one tweeted. "After all, her name is April. And April Fools' Day is just around the corner." 

The zoo recently took to Facebook, however, to assure the public that April's pregnancy is indeed real. "Keep on laughing! Our sense of humor has kept us sane throughout this entire process!" they wrote. "We could be hours away or days--so do not stop your day--but certainly don’t stop watching!” 

For what it's worth, giraffe pregnancies typically last between 13 and 15 months.

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