Katy Perry Just Googles Herself When She is Feeling Down

We are all allowed one celebrity crush... Mine is pop singer Katy Perry, and even she sometimes feels down on herself. However, she has a foolproof way to boost her self-esteem: Googling herself. 

Page Six reports that today, the pop star took to Instagram and posted a throwback photo of herself wearing a push-up bra and short shorts. “Was feeling insecure about my last two posts so,” she captioned the photo, which had the search string “katy perry hot” plainly visible at the top. 

Fans, of course, loved the nod and praised Perry for her gesture--and, since her battery charge was at 13 percent, told her to charge her phone.

So the next time you are feeling bad about your image simply good "your name and the word hot." I am sure it works every time! 

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