What is Colorado's Online Guilty Pleasure?

Wasting time on the internet is second nature to most of us in 2017, but what are we wasting our time on exactly? The good folks at HighSpeedInternet.com have answered that very question... 

The map looked at what each state Googles and figured out all of our online guilty pleasure. 

As for Colorado... We like watching people fall down and get hurt. Fail videos are our guilty pleasure. And that is a lot better than most states... 

 Sugar-daddy and sugar-mama sites are especially popular in retiree-friendly states, cat videos and xxx sites are pretty popular as well. But Mississippi and Hawaii take the crown on this one. They like the "Whip and Nae Nae" and the gay hookup site Grindr the most respectively. 

You can see the full map here.

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