Here are the 10 Final Names For April the Giraffe's Baby

This whole baby giraffe saga has just about milked all of the web hits it possibly can. But before they give up on getting you to click on their stuff, they want your help naming the baby giraffe. 

Animal Adventure Park first asked for suggestions on the name, and on Tuesday announced the top 10 most popular names for April’s male calf.

They are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Allysa’s Choice
  2. Apollo
  3. Geoffrey
  4. Gio
  5. Harpur
  6. Noah
  7. Ollie
  8. Patch
  9. Patches
  10. Unity

You can still vote on a name, and the park said it would select a winner on April 30 at 4 p.m. MDT.  It will announce the name the next day. 

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