Judge Judy Featured in This Week's Greeley Cop Log

Once a week or so, my hometown newspaper, the Greeley Tribune, puts together what they call their Cop Log. Basically they compile the weirdest stuff that the cops encounter over the last month or so in Greeley and Evans, and print it for the world to see. Today, it's the story of the mom and daughter fighting over a dog and Judge Judy being involved... 

March 30th, 11 a.m.: Police received a call from the 400 block of 35th Avenue. The caller said she was coming to Greeley to retrieve her dog from her mother, as ordered by Judge Judy from California. She wanted the police to help.

This just leaves me wanting more... Is there someone familiar with this situation that can fill me in on the juicy details because I feel like there is a lot more to this story than what is printed in the cop log. When I find out, I'll share! 

See the rest of this week's Cop Log here.

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