Bombay Gin Recalled for Having too Much Alcohol

If you have had a gin and tonic lately and thought... Hmm this is really making me drunk quickly, you may not have been wrong! 

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin is being recalled nationwide in Canada after officials determined that recent bottles of the booze are twice as strong as they're supposed to be. 

"This recall was initiated after an investigation...revealed a deviation in the stated 40 percent alcohol content by volume," says a press release from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. "The affected lot...has alcohol content by volume of 77 percent." 

At least five provincial liquor control agencies have issued recalls on Bombay's 1.14-liter bottles. 

Meanwhile, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency advises consumers to return the gin to where it was purchased or throw it out....and lose out on a free two-for-one deal? No way!

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