Colorado's OtterBox to Start Making Yeti-Like Coolers

I keep thinking about going out and buying one of those really cool Yeti Coolers, but I just cannot quite bring myself to spending a couple hundred bucks on a cooler of all things. And now I am actually pretty happy I waited. 

That is because the company likely responsible for the case on your smartphone, OtterBox, from right here in Fort Collins, Colorado is going to start making the trendy coolers. 

According to the Coloradoan:

Otter is launching Venture, its own line of similarly priced, rugged coolers that can keep bears out of your food, cool your beer for up to two weeks, and be customized with cup holders, cutting boards, side tables and drybox clips.

I hope that by similarly priced they mean a little less, and I'll have one by summer! 

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