Neiman Marcus Is Selling Torn & Dirty Sneakers for $1,425

There was a time that being in style meant wearing nice new clothes and shoes, but it seems as though those times have passed and the new trend is to find the dirtiest, most beat up clothes you can and pay a ton of money for them! 

First it was Nordstrom and their pair of mud-covered jeans for $425. Now, luxury department store Neiman Marcus has unveiled a pair of men's sneakers that look like they were pulled out of a garbage disposal for a whopping $1,425. 

People magazine reports that the Italian-made "Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers" were created by high-fashion designer Maison Margiela and feature ripped leather, holes and scratches a.hoe. 

Neiman Marcus is also selling several sneakers by Margiela that look like they've been splattered in paint.

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