You Can Now Have a 'Weed Wedding' Because Colorado

There are now multiple states that allow recreational marijuana use, but it will be forever associated with the state that legalized it first, Colorado. So when someone says there are now "weed weddings" there's not much doubt that they can be found in our state. 

The International Church of Cannabis in Denver’s West Washington Park neighborhood announced today that it will begin offering wedding services in a “cannabis-friendly” environment.

The weddings are not cheap, though. Packages are being offered at a discounted rate of $4,200 through its Indiegogo fundraising campaign

Although there isn't really any word on what exactly takes place at one of these weddings, lawmakers and city officials have stressed that there is no religious exemption to get around the state’s public consumption law. So in other words, don't expect to light one up if you get an invite... 

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