The Best Restaurants in Colorado for National Eat What You Want Day

There is a national day for just about everything you can imagine. That is proven today with National Eat What You Want Day. 

To celebrate a day that is best celebrated by eating whatever the heck you want, I researched the best restaurants in Colorado according to Yelp reviewers, and here is what I found... 

10. The Little Diner, Vail 

9. Butcher’s Bistro, Denver 

8. D’deli, Golden

7. Kitchen Table: BBQ & Comfort Food, Denver 

6. Root & Flower, Vail 

5. African Grill & Bar, Denver 

4. High Mountain Pies, Leadville

3. To The Wind Bistro, Denver 

2. SNOWLAB, Denver 

1. Cafe Profusion, Dillon 

Imagine that, I do a list that is supposed to be guilt free food in Colorado, and the number one item on the list is a vegan restaurant... Sometimes I hate you, Colorado! 

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