'Unfiltered' Mother’s Day Cards Are Hilariously Honest

Don't forget your mom this Sunday... It's Mother's Day, after all, and if your mom has a sense of humor you have to get her one of these cards! 

The comedy duo Erin and Sara Foster have teamed up with FridaBaby to create a hilarious line of cards that put a very honest spin on the holiday. 

The Huffington Post reports that 10 different cards are available now for download and can be printed or shared digitally. 

One of the cards featured in the collection reads, “You have so many wonderful qualities. You’re kind and wise, but my favorite is your ability to passive-aggressively judge the way I do everything.” Meanwhile, the inside of the card reads, “I bet you’re judging me right now. Sorry, not sorry. Happy Mother’s Day.” 

How sweet! 

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