Used Crocs Are a Hot Item Online

The famous rubbery shoe, Crocs have long been known as a fashion nightmare in my mind, but maybe I am wrong because people are buying them like crazy. Especially used... 

According to resale website threadUP, used Crocs are one of the hottest items of the season, selling faster than other more trendy items. 

ThreadUP says Crocs sell 58 percent faster than any other product listed on the site. Plus, nearly all (97 percent) of the ones listed are bought within three months of being posted. 

The average cost of resale for the shoe is $11, while a new pair will cost you around $30. 

They are rubber and usually worn without socks. That equals sweat, which then leads to stink... To me, used Crocs are like used underwear, you don't buy them! But who am I?! 

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