The Summit Windsor Adds Virtual Reality Attraction

The Summit Windsor was already one of the coolest places to hangout in Northern Colorado, but the entertainment center just got even better. 

Maybe even cooler than the new virtual reality attraction is that it was designed by a Fort Collins company. 

According to a press release: 

The Summit Windsor is excited to announce the debut of the Holocube, a new Virtual Reality (VR) attraction created by VRsenal, a Fort Collins company.

“After considering several VR solutions, we chose to partner with VRsenal,” explained Don MacBrayne, COO of The Summit. “Their technology blew us away, and the Holocube facilitates the highest quality, safest and most hygienic VR experience we’ve ever seen. It’s fantastic, and it’s been developed by a company right in our own backyard!”

The Holocube allows four players to simultaneously dive into a variety of immersive experiences. The options range from Space Pirate Trainer, where players fight off relentless waves of drones with a combination of laser blasters and shields, to ROM: Extraction, which casts players in the role of an Extractor who must rely on VRsenal’s premium VR-15 rifle controller, grenades and wits to decimate as many extraterrestrial-bots as possible. Holocube also features Fruit Ninja, the greatest katana-wielding, fruit-slicing game in the world. Finally, The Nest drops the player into an apocalyptic future, where a malevolent AI has taken over the world. Wielding the VR-15 rifle, players must use the scope to snipe enemy robots before their sniper’s nest is discovered.

While Holocube offers something for everyone, the game options will be updated regularly so players will always be met with new and exciting experiences.

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