How Much Avocado Toast Would You Have to Give Up to Buy a Home in NoCo?

Avocado toast is the new "thing" to eat among millennials. It is also rather expensive for a piece of bread with a smashed avocado on top of it. Now it has caused a bit of an uproar. 

Australian millionaire Tim Gurner thinks that millennials are unable to buy homes because they're wasting money on things like avocado toast

Millennials think this guy is wrong, and People magazine agrees. 

So much so that they created a calculator that shows exactly how much avocado toast would you have to give up to buy a home in your city. 

Here are examples in Northern Colorado: 

Fort Collins - 8,498

Greeley - 6,760

Denver - 9,070

You can play with the calculator yourself, here.

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