‘Guzzle Buddy’ Turns A Whole Bottle Of Wine Into A Glass

I have a lot of wine drinkers in my life... My wife, my mom, my sister, my other sister... And you get the point. However, when they start drinking wine, it's usually not by the glass, but instead by the bottle. So I have found the perfect invention for them! 

Meet the Guzzle Buddy...  This device plugs into the top of the wine bottle and turns the ENTIRE BOTTLE into a wine glass! 

Here are a few facts about the device: 

  • Screws directly into a bottle, allowing you to sip w/ unequivocal class
  • Silicone sleeve provides a tight seal, with no spills or mess 
  • May be kept in the freezer to enjoy a nice, frosty beverage on game day
  • Fits in wine, beer, soda, hard cider, & champagne bottles 

They are $19.99, and you can get one here.

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