Are You Getting Gypped on Reese's Pieces and Whoppers?

We've seen Starbucks get heat for not pouring lattes to the brim, Barilla get hammered for underfilling its pasta boxes, and of course Subway was court-ruled to measure all of its footlong sandwiches to prove they are, in fact, 12 inches. Now Hershey's is in hot water for not giving people enough candy! 

A Missouri man has filed a federal class action lawsuit that alleges Hershey's has underfilled the Whoppers boxes by 41 percent and the Reese's Pieces boxes by 29 percent.

My question is who says they have to fill the boxes? If they want to waste all that room it is their prerogative, right? 

Although I will say, when McDonald's doesn't fill my fries to the brim I do get a little angry... 

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