WATCH: 'Price Is Right' Contestant Loses It After Breaking Plinko Record

A contestant from Thursday's episode of The Price Is Right has become a viral sensation after he broke the Plinko record and promptly lost his mind. 

Ryan could not contain his joy when host Drew Carey invited him onstage and immediately began cheering and high-fiving the crowd. 

He grew even more excited when he found out he'd be playing Plinko, a game in which contestants drop a chip down a gigantic pinball board to land on a winning sum. 

"Oh my god!" he screamed after his first chip landed on $10,000. Ryan went on to rake in a total of a whopping $31,500 and was so ecstatic that he began running around the stage. 

Twitter was quick to react to his infectious enthusiasm. "America is about to meet its new superhero," one viewer tweeted. Another wrote, "Can't remember the last time I watched The Price Is Right. That was exciting! Thought Ryan was gonna have a heart attack!" 

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