WATCH: George Strait is Now Selling Golf Carts

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George Strait is the King of Country music, so when he talks I listen, but today I learned when he talks about golf carts from now on, I am not going to listen. 

He could sell me music, Wranglers, or cowboy hats any day of the week, but selling golf carts is the King's calling. 

In a new video recently released, Strait trades his trusty cowboy hat for a golf cap in a new commercial for Garia Golf Cars. "Hi, I'm George Strait! Let's go play some golf!" the country legend says while sitting behind the wheel at the start of the 30-second promo. 

He later says about the make of golf cart, "What I really, really like about the Garia is the interiors are so beautiful. I mean, really, really classic and classy. From the leather steering wheel to the beautiful leather seats." He ends by saying, "Totally street legal and you're ready to go. It's a really fun car to drive."

It seemed like a low-budget movie, and George never seemed very into it, or maybe like he had a few drinks on the course before filming. Either way, I was disappointed, and will not be buying one of his golf carts... Mostly because I cannot afford it! 

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