What's the Most Misspelled Word in Colorado?

The National Spelling Bee started today, so for the second year in a row, Google came up with an unscientific formula for determining the most misspelled word in each state. 

It looked at Google searches of “how to spell _____,” and whatever word filled in that blank most often was deemed to be each state’s most frequently misspelled. 

In Colorado we struggle with "tomorrow" which to me doesn't seem that bad. 

I have trouble with "necessary" and "guarantee" (both of which I had to use spell check to put in this blog, no lie). 

Some of my other favorites from the map are: 

  • Louisiana: Nanny
  • South Carolina: Chihuahua
  • Pennsylvania: Sauerkraut
  • New Hampshire: Diarrhea
  • Hawaii: People
  • New Jersey: Twelve
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin

You can see the whole map here.

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