That Southwest 72-Hour Sale May Not Be As Good As You Think

Everyone is talking about and sharing this 72-hour Southwest deal online that advertises fares below $100 round-trip, but this may be one of those too good to be true sort of deals. 

Southwest isn't lying or fooling you per say, but they also aren't offering that many flights for less than $100. 

The cheapest flight I found from DIA is $49 to Oklahoma City, but there is not return flight for less than $73, so essentially there is no round-trip to and from Colorado for less than $100. 

There are a host of cities that you can fly to and from for $79 one-way, which is still just over $150 round-trip. So the deals are not bad, they just may not be as good as you thought. 

By the way, the deal ends Thursday, so book quick if you want to take advantage. 

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