The Denver Zoo Wants Your Unused Perfume For It's Animals

I get press releases all the time, most of which I have little interest in. However, the one I got from the Denver Zoo today has peaked my interest. 

The release states that the zoo wants the public's unused perfume and cologne for it's animals. 

I don't know about you, but I have been to the zoo and it has never come close to smelling like perfume. Still, the zoo says that part of keeping it's animals happy includes all sorts of stimulation. The most powerful sense is smell, and they stimulate that with perfume! 

Many of the animals love aroma therapy, so much so that the zoo has a shortage of perfume and needs help! 

"Because of the high price of perfumes and colognes, we are always asking people to help donate some of those old perfumes and colognes they may not like anymore," the zoo said.

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