29 Things That Used to Infuriate You in 2007

Remember when your BFF had the nerve to demote you to #2 on their MySpace top 8? 

Buzzfeed has put together a list of things that used to infuriate us back in 2007. Here are 10 (check out the full list at the link): 

  1. When someone moved you from your position in their top 8 on Myspace. 
  2. When someone sent you a multimedia message on your cell even though you told them REPEATEDLY that you didn't have a data plan. 
  3. When you just HAD to text your friend about something but couldn't because you were already 20 texts past your limit. 
  4. When it seemed like everyone had cool Macbook Photobooth photos except you, the person without a Macbook. 
  5. When you printed out your detailed MapQuest instructions and then accidentally left them at home. 
  6. When your friends didn't agree with your theories about who Gossip Girl was.
  7. When you got tricked into watching "2 Girls, 1 Cup." 
  8. When someone stepped on your heel when you wore your new Uggs or Uggs lookalikes. 
  9. When you stayed up all night finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows then realized that the series was FINISHED FOREVER. 
  10. When someone had the audacity to borrow your Netflix envelope and forgot to return it.

Here are the other 19 ways you got really angry 10 years ago.

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