What's Colorado's Favorite Emoji?

We can argue for days about whether or not you should use emojis when texting, but the fact is people do! So that begs the question, which one are we using the most? 

Happy you asked… Reviews.org looked at emojis being Googled (kind of scary that they are spying on us…) to find out what the most popular emoji is in every US state. 

Colorado – We like the crying face emoji… Kind of boring really as most of the states around us have the same favorite. 

Still better than Wyoming that must not use emojis as they don't have a favorite, the multiple states that have an obsession with poop, or South Carolina that really likes the eggplant emoji... If you don't know what the "kids" use the eggplant for, you probably shouldn't use it! 

See every state's favorite emoji here.

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