Could There Be a '90210' Reboot?

It's 2017, and our generation remakes pretty much every show and movie that ever existed, but I really hope this one comes true... 

Jennie Garth, who played Kelly Taylor on the beloved ‘90s drama Beverly Hills, 90210, is a huge fan of all the TV show reboots that are happening right now. "I love it," she tells Entertainment Tonight. "People our age and older, and even young people, they love a reboot.” 

Garth goes on to say that she would definitely be interested in partaking in a 90210 remake. "I love all my old castmates, working with them again would be amazing," she gushes. "What a great thing to do. It would just have to be the right coming together of all the minds that need to come together." 

She adds that even though the series has been off the air for 17 years, her and co-star Tori Spelling are still very good friends.

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