IKEA Is Launching a Fragrance

IKEA has announced that it is launching a fragrance as part of its move toward "invisible design"--that is, products that evoke a style or mood for people without them seeing anything. 

The furniture retailer has joined forces with Swedish perfumer Byredo to craft a scent that will be released in 2019. 

"The collaboration aims at looking into both the role of scent in the home, the carriers and the products as well as exploring innovation in scent, how we can integrate scents in completely new ways," IKEA said in a statement. "We are also curious to explore the scent of IKEA, if there is one, what does IKEA smell like?" 

The company has not elaborated on whether the products will come in the shape of room sprays, incense burners or candles. Presumably, they will require assembly and come with useless directions. 

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