One Colorado City is the Second Best for Well Endowed Men

There are so many jokes I could make about this story, but I like my job, so I am going to refrain and simply report the facts to you... 

According to a report from the online retailer, based on how many Americans in each city buy Magnum condoms through its website, one Colorado city is doing very well in said department. 

Here are the most "well-endowed" cities in America: 

  1. Columbus, Ohio
  2. Denver, Colorado 
  3. Chicago, Illinois 
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
  5. Tuscon, Arizona
  6. Newark, Deleware 
  7. Phoenix, Arizona 
  8. Boston, Massachusetts 
  9. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 
  10. Washington, D.C. 

Yay Denver... 

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