How Patriotic is Colorado Compared to Other States?

Next Tuesday, which is the 4th of July by the way, most of the country will put on their patriotic hat, at least for the day. But the states that bleed red, white, and blue all year long deserve some sort of recognition, don’t you think? 

Well thanks to the folks at WalletHub, we know who the most patriotic states in the country are. 

First, how did they decide? They looked at things like the number of enlisted military personnel, the number of veterans, voting percentage and volunteer rate.

The 5 Most Patriotic States:

  1. Virginia
  2. Alaska  
  3. Wyoming             
  4. South Carolina                   
  5. Colorado

Yet another thing we are good at in our awesome state!! Number three out of fifty isn’t half bad… By the way our “Military Engagement” Rank was 12 and our “Civic Engagement” Rank was 9.

See how every state matches up here.

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