The Rockies' Win Yesterday May Have Been Their Oddest Ever

The Colorado Rockies have been around for over 20 years, but their win yesterday may go down as the oddest yet. 

It was no surprise the Rockies beat the New York Mets, as Colorado is a much better team this year, but the way they did it was one for the storybooks. 

The Mets lost after walking in a bases-loaded run in the bottom of the 9th, when reliever Hansel Robles threw the ball way above Nolan Arenado’s head. It turns out, the reason that Robles was so erratic from the mound is that he pinched his nether-region after landing awkwardly in the previous inning, and because he hit his man-parts so hard, he lost all sensation in his fingers. 

Why a pitcher who couldn't feel his hand was in a MLB game, I will never know, but a win's a win. 

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