CSU Misspells 'Science' on 50,000 Eclipse Glasses

A good word of advice is if you are printing 50,000 of anything, have a really good spell-checker! Colorado State University didn't take that advice, and now have a bunch of solar eclipse glasses with a misspelled word on them. 

We were all taught "I before E except after C," but there are exceptions to that rule, like in "Science." However, The College of Natural Sciences at CSU went with the rule rather than the exception... 

Now 50,000 glasses have "Sceince" on them. WHOOPS!! 

The good news is the glasses still work for the eclipse regardless of the mishap, and they donated about 30,000 of these glasses to the Poudre School District, providing one pair for each student in the entire district. The other 20,000 are going to be distributed to the CSU community at Ram Welcome, the Kids Music Adventure at NewWestFest, and at the on-campus eclipse event itself.

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