If You Burned Your Eyes Looking at the Eclipse You May Not Know For Weeks

Everywhere you turned over the last week or two you were warned not to look at the solar eclipse without those special glasses, but people like to test their luck... 

I honestly have no idea how you could... I had some of the special glasses, but for the sake of my radio show and this blog, I took them off for a split second to see what it looked like to the naked eye. Naturally my eyes wouldn't let me. I quickly blinked and had to turn. 

Some people must have super powers that allow them to look at the sun, and that's bad. But they may not be feeling the effects of burned retinas just yet... 

NBC Chicago says "There are often no immediate signs of eye damage after viewing an eclipse without proper eye protection. Symptoms can occur immediately, within several hours or even weeks after exposure. Potential signs of damage include sensitivity to light, eye pain and loss of vision in one or both eyes."

... Now I'm not sure if my eyes are watery from allergies or if I just screwed my eyes up!! 

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