The Powerball is Now Over $700 Million - Here's the Luckiest Numbers

Sure, the odds aren’t very good that you’ll win the over $700 million tomorrow night when they draw the Powerball, but if you are going to play, you might as well play the odds, right? Here is a little inside info to help you pick your numbers… 

26, 41, 16, 22 have found their way out the most, at least 253 times at a minimum. The No. 26 white ball has been drawn more than any other ball. 

Although these numbers have been drawn the most, the combination of these balls being drawn together has never happened.

Oh by the way... The Powerball website currently states you have a one-in-292 million chance of winning. You have a one-in-900,000 chance of getting struck by lightning this year. So you have a much better chance of being struck by lightning twice. 

So maybe the best piece of advice I have here is to stay out of thunderstorms! 

Hope this helps, and don’t forget your source of info when you win! 

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