'Hatfishing' is Now a Thing - Bald Guys Pretending to Have Hair Online

I am bald. I didn't choose to be, but both my grandpas were and my dad is, so genetics beat any chance I ever had of having hair in my adult years. I also wear hats a lot, not to cover up my bald head, but because I like hats, always have. 

Some people will call this "hatfishing." The latest online dating trend where a bald guy wears a hat in his profile pics to give off the illusion that he has hair. 

Lifehacker writer Patrick Allan thinks dudes need to cut this out, pronto. “The problem with this approach isn’t the lie of omission…it’s the way it comes across,” he argues. “It makes you seem overly self-conscious, insecure and timid, which isn’t a good look on anybody. People respond to confidence, so you’re better off owning what you’ve got.”

Just so you know, I am not hatfishing anyone, I really just like hats, and I always have... 

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